Three V.I.E. within Valco group

Keeping up with its CSR policy and commitment to education, Guichon and Valco group have implemented 3 V.I.E. in the following countries: South Africa, Canada and Norway.

sandra v.i.e guichon in scandinavia Sandra is in Oslo (Norway) for 1 year. Following her end-of studies trainee at Guichon Valves, she is in charge of Guichon Valves and Valco group business development on the Scandinavian area.

« Trained in Guichon Valves where I performed 6 end-of-studies training months, this V.I.E. represents a new opportunity to develop my professional skills and to play a role in a full expanding group. This V.I.E does particularly constitute a challenge as I have to commercially develop the presence of the group in this geographical area. It also means a new life and a new culture waiting for me. »

norway oslo sandra guichon valves v.i.e

kevin v.i.e south africa for valco groupKevin is in Cape Town (South Africa) for 2 years after a work-study Master in the quality department of Guichon Valves. Today he works as quality manager in the South African Subsidiary of Valco group.

« « Being V.I.E. within Valco group is for me the opportunity to adapt and develop my skills in a particular context, to gather experience and become more open-minded. This mission which I perform for more than a year now, enables me to discover a different culture, to meet some engaging people, local inhabitants as well as French expatriates who are very active in Cape Town. Being V.I.E., is also taking part in the economic development of my company through the missions I’m entrusted with, the new ideas I try to bring and through the transmission of practices and knowledge I have been able to assimilate in France. Finally, it’s a great asset for my professional experience but also on a personal level, for it is the opportunity to live a unique adventure in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In short, being V.I.E. is a fantastic opportunity! » »

south africa kevin valco

guillaume v.i.e canada for valco group

Guillaume is in Montreal (Canada) for 1 year. He joined Valco group after several experiences abroad and works today as sales representative in the North American area.

« As V.I.E. since June 2017 for Valco group, I represent the company on the North American soil. My office is in Montreal, Canada. I try to find out more about the local market actors in order to be able to create some local partnerships. The difference of culture is a significant daily challenge which motivates me every day. Adaptation is the key to success. »

canada montreal guillaume valco group